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Being only one of only four chapters in NC, we are a small group growing fast. Our group is all about the wind therapy of the open road. 

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We like to have fun, laugh, see the beautiful sites, and most of all make memories that will last a lifetime. Our group likes to participate in our communities by participating in charities and benefits for individuals along with organizations as well.

We also love nothing more then to also take fun trips from The Blue Ridge Parkway and beyond. If you like to ride, laugh, eat and make fellow bikers your soon to be extended family then I promise you Chapter 143 is right up your alley.

Come join us as we make memories, laugh a lot, and most importantly-get the best therapy on earth provided by God and mother Nature-

Wind Therapy

We look forward to meeting you soon and having you as part of our extended family.


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Freedom Cruisers Riding Club Chapter 143 is the founder of Cruising for Kids Inc. which is a 501c(3) charity organization that strives to help all children in need with our main focus on those of our military.  We have fundraisers thru out the year but for our big event we try to ensure a successful and safe annual ride so that as many children of our fallen, injured and disabled military heroes can go to camp at Camp Corral for one week. We welcome all to join us no matter what you ride. All bikes and vehicles are welcome to join us to support this amazing cause.

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